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We were successful in gaining third place in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund awards, which means that we have an additional £1000 in the bank account.  Thanks to everyone who voted, the response from our small community was magnificent and we only missed out on second place by a matter of between 5 and 10 votes.

This means that we now have enough in the bank to replace the roof and will be beginning work on that early in the Spring of 2015.

We have also applied for funding from the Millennium Stadium Fund but will not know the outcome of that bid until May or June next year.  If that is successful, we will have enough funding to address the doors and windows and will then be in a position  to start having some events in the Hall once again perhaps.

29th September 2008
Meeting of Village Hall Committee
14th September 2008
12th September 2008
28th August 2008
31st July 2008
12th July 2008
Barbecue at Church Hall - *** Revised Date ***
26th June 2008
21st May 2008
23rd April 2008         
26th March 2008 
20th February 2008
16th January 2008 
12th December 2007         
15th November 2007
11th October 2007 
6th September 2007                 
5th July 2007     
25th May 2007
26th April 2007
29th March 2007
15th February 2007
10th January 2007