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Joseph Harries was born in 1773 at St. Dogwells, the son of a Farm Bailiff. As a young child he attended the local Church of England as it was at that time. But eventually he started worshipping with the Baptists in local houses in the locality.  He was baptised at Llangloffan in 1792/93. It is said that he was greatly influenced by the Puncheston Revival of 1795. He started preaching in 1796. During his short life of some 52 years, he wrote many, many hymns. He also wrote many religious tracts, books and commentaries. He was the one who published the first all Welsh weekly, Seren Gomer from 1814-1815.

Joseph Harries became one of the greatest men in every sense with the Baptist movement in Wales. Through his preaching and his very valuable publications he has left a wealth of literature for us to read and understand.

Bryn Gomer of course has been named after him.

It is a great pity that there is no memorial stone somewhere in the village to commemorate the fact that this very famous preacher was born in this community. Who knows, this could be our next project in the community?